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State of Afterschool & Summer Learning in Florida

Data on Florida’s Afterschool Programs

Legislative Priorities

FAN, as a part of the Florida Children’s Council, aligns its legislative agenda with the overarching goal of bringing access and quality to Florida’s afterschool programs. Alongside the Council, we work throughout the year to ensure issues impacting children, youth and families stay at the forefront of conversations occurring in Florida’s Capital City.

Policymakers and Staff

Through funding received by the National Conference of State Legislatures the Florida Afterschool Network is using a survey mechanism to map understand to map available afterschool and summer learning opportunities across the state. Our desired outcome is to identify where gaps in funding and programing may exist so that we can effectively advocate for resources to support quality expanded learning opportunities for all youth in Florida. The information received from this survey will be used to develop the Florida Afterschool by the Numbers Report and inform policymakers on the current landscape of afterschool and summer learning in Florida

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