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Nearly 1 million children not in afterschool would likely attend if a program were available in their community.
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FAN's Latest News

  • Florida Named a Top 10 State for Afterschool! Florida has been recognized for its high quality programming, for targeting student populations with the greatest needs, and for parental satisfaction with the programs in which their children participate. The demand for more programs continues to be strong, though. For more information on the data associated with Florida's afterschool programs, click here.
  • Florida After 3PM Fact Sheet: Want to know more about afterschool in Florida? The latest survey data from the Afterschool Alliance gives insightful information on parental satisfaction of afterschool programs in Florida and the benefits to students who regularly participate in afterschool.
  • Afterschool STEM Regional Workshop on Nov. 13: FAN's next professional development workshop to increase quality of afterschool STEM activities will be held at the Orlando Science Center. The event will begin at 1pm and will be held in partnership with NASA and Accelerate Learning.
  • Lights On Afterschool 2014 was a resounding success nationally with over 8000 individual events all over the country. Florida led the nation in per capita number of celebrations with over 600 registered events! Thanks to all of Florida's providers and afterschool champions for celebrating high quality afterschool programming!
  • Florida's TEDx Afterschool event: FAN is coordinating an event, pending final approval from TEDx, that will be held in the spring of 2015 at the Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) Main Campus. We're looking for inspiring and motivational speakers to deliver 5-10 minute messages on the power of afterschool programming. Contact Joe Davis or Samantha Thorstensen for more information.
  • FAN's new Afterschool STEM page is live! Go to to check out our new STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) page. Find Afterschool STEM related news, workshop information, and much more on this site!
  • The Achievement Gap is Real. New Research shows that Afterschool is a Real Solution linked to Closing the Gap! Highlights of Dr. Deborah Lowe Vandell's research are found in a new informational brochure made available from the Expanded Learning & Afterschool Project.