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In Florida, afterschool participation is growing - over 627,000 students attend various programs.
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  • WFSU Presents Gradstock! The performances will take place February 26th-27th WFSU.Tickets for the individual concerts are $25 each and monies raised will help fund WFSU's American Graduate Project, which helps catalyze discussion on and gives attention to community-based solutions focused on increasing high school graduation rates. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit
  • The Florida Department of Education released the 2016-17 Request for Proposals (RFP) for competitive projects for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program (21st CCLC), authorized under Title IV, Part B, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended (TAPS [Tracking Applications] Number 17B030 - Statewide). For more information, please review the full press release here:
  • Save the Date: The 2016 Planetary Lander Egg-Drop Competition at the Kennedy Space Center is April 30th. for more information, please visit the planetary blog here:
  • Florida Parents Value Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Learning Opportunities Provided by Afterschool Programs: A special report released today (September 29, 2015), Full STEM Ahead: Afterschool Programs Step Up as Key Partners in STEM Education, finds broad support among Florida parents for providing STEM learning in afterschool, and high satisfaction with afterschool STEM offerings among parents of children in afterschool programs. Read full press release here.
  • What It Takes to Put Children on the Road to Success: The Wallace Foundation and the University of Chicago have released a paper exploring the necessary building blocks to build a foundation for children to be successful. Explore the brief here.
  • Action Alert! The Federally funded 21st CCLC afterschool program needs your continued support! The US Senate passed an amendment in April to keep funding for 21st CCLC in the new Every Child Achieves Act (which will update and replace the No Child Left Behind law). Please urge continued support for afterschool and summer learning programs by using the Afterschool Alliance’s Policy and Action Center to write a letter to Florida’s Senators thanking them for keeping 21st CCLC funding alive!
  • Improving STEM activities in Afterschool: Florida has a network of afterschool STEM Hubs whose mission is to increase quality of programming. For more information on FAN's STEM professional development resources and opportunities to learn more about infusing STEM into your afterschool program, visit our website at
  • Afterschool on Capital Dateline Online: FAN’s Michael Lannon and Joe Davis were featured on Inside Florida Politics and the Florida Newsmakers sections of this informative program from the Florida Cable Telecommunications Association. Capital Dateline airs on your local Florida Sun Sports/Fox Sports channel and on the web at
  • Florida's Afterschool programs are working! Florida has been recognized as a Top Ten State for its high quality programming, for targeting student populations with the greatest needs, and for parental satisfaction. However, the demand for more opportunities for students to participate continues to be strong. For more information on data associated with Florida's afterschool programs, click here.
  • Florida Afterschool by the Numbers Fact Sheet: More than a decade of 21st CCLC data shows that afterschool programs are making a difference in the lives of children, but a significant state investment (both public and private) is needed in order for all students to have an opportunity to participate in afterschool. Check out the Florida Afterschool Fact Sheet for more information.
  • The American Youth Policy Forum, based in Washington, D.C.,hosted a discussion group with state afterschool networks on the topic of Coordinated Financing for Afterschool and Summer Learning. The Florida Afterschool Network participated in this event and a summary of the discussion and materials presented can be found on the AYPF website.